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Technology born from the idea of overturning the common sense of the industry (multiple patents certified)

Free blend method


Technology that can mix up to 80% of the target material using plastic raw materials as the base resin

The "free blend method" can utilize various materials as target materials.
"I want a material like this that isn't found anywhere else in the world.
Would you like to realize such a new material that you want with our free blend method?

(1) Since it is not necessary to make pellets, it can be mixed regardless of the amount.

(2) It is possible to carry out compounding studies in-house according to the customer's purpose.

(3) For the grade of the raw material manufacturer, the possibility of pellet processing is prioritized, but in the case of free blending, an infinite number of combinations is possible.

(4) By using the raw material powder as the base resin, the volume of different materials can be increased.

(5) There is a powder raw material purchase route from each raw material manufacturer, and a wide variety of raw material types can be combined.

(6) By reducing the number of processes, the development speed can be extremely increased.

Achieves compounding from powder without using pellet raw materials

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Unlike general plastic manufacturing, it is not made into pellets, which are called plastic raw materials.

In other words, waste (paper, cloth, food) can be mixed with the original raw material (powder) of plastic in a volume of 50% or more, and can be directly molded as it is.

Reversal of ideas by free blend method

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The conventional concept of plastic raw materials (pellets) is based on a seeds-like idea, and is sold by raw material manufacturers.

The process of purchasing pellets and distributing them as injection molded products has become the standard.

The free blend method begins with planning and designing the raw material composition from the idea of what you want to make.

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