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Technology born from the idea of overturning the common sense of the industry (multiple patents certified)

Free blend method


Technology that can mix up to 80% of the target material using plastic raw materials as the base resin

The "free blend method" can utilize various materials as target materials.
"I want a material like this that isn't found anywhere else in the world.
Would you like to realize such a new material that you want with our free blend method?

Dai-ichi Seikosha handles everything related to plastics in-house, from raw material formulation to product design, CAE analysis, physical property measurement, design, mold manufacturing, mass production, and delivery. Therefore, we guarantee reliable quality and speed.

Basic development / concept design

After getting the theme, depending on the purpose

Designing compounding raw materials and product images


Physical property measurement / analysis / model production / evaluation test

Create a test piece with compounded raw materials

Tensile test, creep test, torsion test, weather resistance test, and various strength tests are conducted.

CAE analysis, verification with 3D model, etc.

Test and evaluate from various angles.


​Resin selection / structure proposal / mold proposal / fitting confirmation

Select the base resin and target material according to the purpose of the product. Also about the mold structureProposing a structure according to the characteristics of raw materials and products


​Design proposal / mold manufacturing / mass production analysis

​We also design the structure to realize stable molding in mold manufacturing, and propose cycle up and cost reduction.

設計イメージ 2.jpeg

Immediate evaluation / immediate measurement / immediate acceptance / establishment of specifications

Various evaluations and measurements are carried out at the same time as the molding trial. In -house consistent process control enables speedy response to acceptance inspection and establishment of specificationsPossible.

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