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Technology born from the idea of overturning the common sense of the industry (multiple patents certified)

Free blend method


Technology that can mix up to 80% of the target material using plastic raw materials as the base resin

The "free blend method" can utilize various materials as target materials.
"I want a material like this that isn't found anywhere else in the world." "I was refused by someone else, but can I do it?"
Would you like to realize such a new material that you want with our free blend method?

Deny pellets

​Pellets are a hindrance to raw material development

Even if there is a request to mix non-plastic materials with plastic raw materials

The limit that can be made into pellets is the limit of compounding, and it has been common knowledge in the industry that compounding of other materials is up to a certain volume. The free blend method showed far beyond this limit.


From customer feedback

I want a texture closer to pottery

I want a raw material that is as strong as die-cast

We have received requests for texture, hardness, and sound that are closer to those of pottery from major manufacturers who use pottery.

Achieves a pottery-blended plastic that greatly exceeds the blending that can be done with pellets.

Of plasticAs a means of increasing strength

Contains fibers such as GF, CF, and Kep1er,

By making pellets, the fiber length was shortened, and the strength was not improved as much as the compounding ratio. Since the free blend method can keep the strength fiber for a long time, the strength is extremely increased.


I want a feeling of coldness, luster, and weight like metal

​I want to keep the fragrance for a long time

When making pellets containing metal powder (iron powder, stainless powder, tungsten powder, aluminum powder, copper powder) in resin, the limit is less than 30%.

The free blend method has made it possible to achieve up to 80%.

I want to maintain the fragrance performance of fragrances for 6 months or more, etc.

In response to many development requests, we have realized the formulation of fragrances from powder to resin.

Development of original construction method

Great potential for powder raw materials

The free blending method using powder raw materials has extremely improved compatibility and succeeded in producing many types of target materials used for compounding.

The machine is also original

The free blend method of molding at the same time as compounding was not feasible with a conventional molding machine using pellets. The molding machine also created a unique mechanism to mold the desired formulation.

Research on compounding recipes

Various target materials to fulfill your requirements

The basis of the formulation is the resin side that is selected with an eye on the usage environment.(Base resin) and

We have established a technology that highly blends the blended materials (target materials) selected to meet the needs of our customers.

Additives for stable compounding effect

Once the base resin and target material are determined, stabilizers, lubricants, dispersants, converging agents, etc. are added to the base resin side.Antioxidants, weather-resistant prescription agents, drug-resistant prescription agents, etc. are compounded in the target material, and a formulation with a reaction chain is established for each.

After that, the basic physical properties (tensile (bending) strength, hardness, impact, creep, viscoelasticity, etc.) are measured and graded in-house.

Establishment of new compound brand


Pottery and metal series

The pottery series "PLAMIC" has the beauty and texture of pottery.

"GEOPLAS" series with high specific density and unique texture such as metal and stone


​"Plagrance" with a fragrance that has a long-lasting scent. "Plapper" series containing copper with bactericidal performance.

Scent production and sterilization performance

Proposing a new way to use plastic


Environmental learning at elementary schools nationwide

While actually touching waste materials on SDGs and environmental issues

We are telling children that we can start with what we can do close to us.

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