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Employment information

​Recruitment type

Injection molding operator

[Summary of recruitment]
We are looking for an injection molding manufacturing operator at the Osaka mass production factory.

Why don't you acquire "technology that can be used for a lifetime" at our company, which has a unique "free blend method" that mixes and molds up to 80% of corporate waste materials and food waste materials as target materials?

[I'm looking for someone like this]

Those who live near Osaka (Kagawa prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Mie prefecture, Tottori prefecture, etc.) and want to work in Osaka

Those who want to acquire skills, those who have experience in injection molding and want to step up further, etc.

We welcome inexperienced people, complete company housing, and fully support the acquisition of national qualifications (injection molding technicians).
Experienced person preferential treatment!

* There are currently two injection molding factories in Daito City.
One more factory will be expanded in April 2022. We are looking for molding staff to accompany this.
* Our company has a new molding system with patents, and currently has its own injection molding method. About plastic parts such as TOTO, Itoki, Pentel, and TAKARATOMY.
1. Raw material development 2, product design 3, mold manufacturing 4, molding production.

* The type of job we are looking for this time is molding production (skill operator).
We have 32 molding machines ranging from 80 to 850 tons, and we operate in 3 shifts.

[Main work content]
Manufacturing work of plastic parts (operation of injection molding machine)
Mixing of original raw materials, etc.


[Required licenses, qualifications, etc.]
・ Injection technician license welcome ・ Ordinary car driver's license required (AT only)


[Working hours / day of the week]
Working hours ①: 8:00 to 17:00 Working hours ②: 17:00 to 2:00 Working hours ③: 2:00 to 11:00, 3 orthogonal charges

・ Overtime hours: Yes ・ Monthly average overtime hours 18 hours ・ Break time: 60 minutes ・ Vacation ・ Holidays: Sunday ・ Others

Others: Year-end and New Year holidays GW Bon holidays set available Once a month Saturday inventory work available Number of annual paid vacation days after 6 months: 10 days

【Work location】

3-16-13 Goryo, Daito City, Osaka Prefecture
Daiichi Seikosha Co., Ltd. Headquarters Factory


Nearest station: JR Suminodo Station Transportation from the nearest station to the place of work: Walking time: 20 minutes


[Treatment / Benefits ]

① Joining ~ 3 months (test student): Monthly salary 180,000-220,000 yen ② After 3 months (trainee): Monthly salary 220,000-250,000 yen ③Skill test passer (professional technician): Monthly salary 320,000-520,000 yen * Salary increase / bonus available * Bonus record available

【Commuting allowance】
Actual cost payment (with upper limit): 20,000 yen per month

[Salary increase]
Salary increase system: Yes Salary increase (previous year's result): Yes Salary increase amount / salary increase rate: 15,000 to 30,000 yen per month (previous year's result)

Existence of bonus system: Existence of bonus (actual result of the previous year): Existence of bonus (actual result of the previous year): Twice a year Bonus amount: Total 2.00 months (actual result of the previous year)

[Housing that can move in]
Yes (available for up to 6 months after joining the company)

​Entry form

​Please use this form to apply for a job entry.

Thank you for sending.
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