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Free blend combination series

​Technology that conveys the power of copper to the present age Super antibacterial copper formulation

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus that changed our daily lives as a notch, products containing copper powder with bactericidal performance in plastic raw materials, which had already been established as a free blend compounding series, were introduced to the market.

These are named "Prapper" because of the combination of copper and copper, which represent copper, and are widely sold in home improvement stores, drug stores, department stores, etc.


Until now, we have received requests for new products from brand manufacturers, and have fulfilled our position as a manufacturer from contract raw material development to product manufacturing for that customer.

Daiichi Seikosha has fully embarked on the development of its own products.

From planning to design, design, mold making, molding, packaging, distribution, and sales, we have nearly 40 in-house products in one year.
We have built a new field.

The times have given us a new mission.
"Creating a formulation from the purpose"
Daiichi Seikosha, which can do that, will take action.

The material that Daiichi Seikosha noticed was "copper," which is said to have been discovered during the Bronze Age around 4000 BC.
200 years have passed since the invention of plastic, but in history,
It is still a new material, and we have implemented the epoch-making idea of blending bronze ware material with this new material.

Why did the ancestors know that copper has bactericidal properties? I don't know that, but we can learn from our predecessors that copper has bactericidal properties because the rituals and decorations excavated from the ruins are not corroded and appear in the present.


It was widely known that gold, silver, and copper had high bactericidal ability from an early stage, but there was no idea of blending copper with plastic raw materials to give plastic products bactericidal ability. ..

Everyone thought, "The surface of the plastic should block the copper ions."

However, it can be done at Daiichi Seikosha.

This is because the free blend method can mix more copper than the amount of plastic.

The fact that copper is finely crushed and "by mixing it with plastic, copper powder appears in places on the surface layer, which exerts its bactericidal ability!"

It was proved by experiments and succeeded in securing evidence.


Daiichi Seikosha has teamed up with the Japan Copper Center to prove that copper powder-blended plastic raw materials using the free blend method have the same bactericidal activity as copper, and have been approved by the Japan Copper Center. Are
After earning the Cu Star Mark, we will finally start to take measures against infection.

The new coronavirus that has spread in Japan since January 2020
At that time, there were many questions about why the outbreak was so advanced.
A study to solve this mystery will be published by a research team at the National Institutes of Health in March 2020.

Experiments have shown that the survival time of the new coronavirus is considerably longer than that of past bacteria and viruses due to the adherent substances after the droplets.

For example, a droplet virus attached to general plastic was confirmed to survive for 72 hours, a survival of 48 hours on iron and stainless steel, and a survival of 24 hours even on paper-quality materials.

In other words, if you come into contact with these materials during this time, the infection will spread through your fingertips. After this is found, it is recommended to diligently wipe off things that are likely to be touched by humans with alcohol disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, etc. as a sterilization measure.

On the other hand, as a result of conducting the same experiment on a copper material, it was found that inactivation started immediately after that, the infectivity was lost after about 15 minutes, and it was completely killed after 4 hours.

The National Institutes of Health acknowledges that copper has such a strong bactericidal activity.


Furthermore, in view of realistic social activities, it is more convenient to take measures against copper materials, which have a semi-permanent sterilizing ability, than the work burden of repeatedly eradicating alcohol and the like many times a day. It can be said that this is a realistic measure.

In this way, Plapper is born, which is a combination of the English Copper, which stands for plastic and copper.

Then, what kind of thing can it be used for?
The product that was the first to be requested by the market was

・ Straps installed on trains and buses ・ Handrails installed in public institutions and hospitals ・ Grips of shopping carts used in supermarkets ・ Doorknobs that are touched when opening and closing doors ・ Lighting switches and toilets Lever and change tray

Etc., they were things that could be contacted by an unspecified number of people.


First of all, Dai-ichi Seikosha disregards the development of business and purchases about 30 million yen worth of these countermeasure products.
We donated it to local governments, hospitals, schools, electric railway companies, etc., and carried out our determination to play a part in infection control.

After that, we announced a number of infection control products that reflected the voice of the market, and started selling them at home centers, drug stores, and the Internet. Here are some typical products from this list.

For example, "mask case".
By storing the droplet virus attached to the mask in the Plapper mask case, the virus attached to the mask is removed and the effect of preventing secondary infection is demonstrated.

In addition, the unpleasant odor caused by germs can be dealt with with the same effect, and the unpleasant odor of the mask can be erased.

"Tongs" have elements that can be touched by many people, and by changing to Plapper tongs, the virus attached to the tongs handle is removed, and it is effective in preventing secondary infections.

It is also used not only at home but also at bakery stores, yakiniku stores, confectionery stores that offer sweets and Japanese sweets, and other stores that use tongs.


The "thermometer stand and thermometer case" are indispensable for preventing domestic infections. By storing the thermometer used in the family in these Plapper cases after use, it is effective in removing the virus attached to the thermometer body and preventing secondary infection.

In addition, more than 30 items of Plapper products such as game console controllers, smartphone rings, toilet seat lifting levers, rice scoops, chopsticks, etc. are now on sale in the market.


In this way, Plapper products manufactured by Daiichi Seikosha have received a great deal of attention and sales performance as countermeasures against the spread of infection.

The response from the market debut has spread to product manufacturers who are struggling with infection control, leading to specific consultations and OEM supply of product development.

Due to the contract, some products cannot be introduced here, but we will introduce them as much as possible.

1.Plapper door cover with doorknob, which was started by housing equipment manufacturer LIXIL, 2.Oral care products sold by sanitary product manufacturers, 3. Development of sales equipment and appliances of beverage manufacturers into parts that can be touched by humans.

4. Expansion to cooking utensils used by food and beverage manufacturers 5. Expansion to ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, etc. in collaboration with stationery manufacturers 6. For parts of automated teller machines such as beverages and tickets, and contact parts for ATMs. Recruitment

7. From toy makers, change the material of educational toys used in nursery schools and kindergartens 8. Change the material of scissors stands and tool boxes used by hairdressing and beauty makers and develop products 9. Development of parts that may come into contact with an unspecified number of people 10. Use as a sheet material to be laid on the ground surface when storing medical hygiene products used in hospitals and homes

It has begun to be adopted in all customers' products that require infection control.

At Daiichi Seikosha, Osaka Sales Office  Tokyo Sales Office  We have set up a Plapper project team at each base of the Kitakyushu sales office, and we are accepting consultations from product planning and product design.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the theme.

Through the provision and dissemination of Plapper, we will strive to prevent the spread of infection and contribute to the creation of a safe and secure environment.

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